Foundry_image02smallBronze Casting Process.

All Andrea’s work is produced in small limited editions, by hand, using the lost wax process [Cire perdue] which was first used over 5500 years ago. The basic method used today remains unchanged and is still an enormously skilled and labour intensive process.

All Bronzes are cast by Artworks Foundry, located in Berkeley, California.Chosen for their outstanding skill, craftsmanship and commitment to quality; Artworks Foundry is among the nation’s leading foundries for the production and restoration of bronze sculptures, reliefs and monuments.Many of the nation’s premier sculptors choose Artworks because of its unsurpassed experience, highest technology, quality, and professionalism. Only a foundry as exceptional as , Artworks Foundry is capable of reproducing the detail and subtlety of form found with in Andrea’s work.