During the last 18 years I collaborated with a number of different studios in Animation as well as Video Games.

Animation Studios:

-DreamWorks SKG. Los Angeles,CA U.S.A.
-Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville, CA U.S.A.
-BlueskyStudio, CT U.S.A.
-Disney Animation Studios, Burbank, CA U.S.A.
-Cinderbiter Studio, San Francisco, CA U.S.A.
-Lucas Animation Studio, Novato, CA U.S.A.
-Tonko House, Emeryville, CA U.S.A.
-Mila, Burbank, CA U.S.A.

Video Games Studios:

-Factor 5,Novato, CA U.S.A.
-2K Marin,Novato, CA U.S.A.
-Telltale Games, San Rafael, CA U.S.A.
-Thekla Inc, San Francisco,CA U.S.A.