Mold Making and Casting


This workshop is a part of the continuation of the Design with Clay workshop that I offer, but is open to everyone interested in making a mold in high-grade silicone and cast your own sculpture in wax, plaster or plastic resins.This class will delve into the methods currently used in the studio environment for making silicone rubber molds of sculpture. We will be using a high-grade silicone RTV to make a two part mold of a clay sculpture. All tools and materials will be provided for all students to make a reusable silicone mold which can be used to cast wax, plaster or plastic resins. In these classes everyone will have an opportunity to not only make a mold but to cast into these molds as well.
Class size is limited to 5 to 8 students per session. Please sign up early to insure that you will have a seat in the class.

Total cost, including materials: $699.00.

When signing up for these classes, please indicate which workshop option you are signing up for.

-Workshop option 1:

The course is divided in two weekends 3 to 4 days if necessary( 10am-4pm)

-The workshop will start the weekends of April 2nd/3rd and the weekend of  April 9th and 10th if necessary.
-Workshop option 2: Divided in 1 weekend (10am-4pm) and 1 night (6pm-10pm). TBD

Class fees are non-refundable unless class is canceled. I will notify you via email or phone if class is canceled.

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