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What the students say about the workshops:

Spending time with Andrea and being a part of his design workshop was a truly unforgettable experience. Sculpting as a group together in his garden, laughing, learning, working in the sunshine and sipping espresso, this goes far beyond the concept of a class and is more a real connection with a master of his craft. Andrea is so open with his techniques, tips, and best practices, and every moment spent in his workshop is a fascinating treasure hunt for recognizable characters from well-known animated films on which he has worked. I cannot recommend this workshop experience highly enough for anybody, regardless of skill level, interested in becoming a better sculptor.

Mike Altman, Technical Director, Modeling, Pixar Animation Studios.
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2016).

Andrea’s class is by far the best art workshop I have taken in the span of my ten year career. Being able to work closely with a great sculptor and watch how he manipulates the clay was an invaluable lesson that I could not have gathered on my own. He takes his vast career knowledge and distills it into a very low- pressure learning environment. As a student I felt inspired and compelled to be creative because of his confidence and positive attitude and I think the students all bonded with each other which is an added bonus to the years of knowledge we absorbed from Andrea. Highly recommend!”

Eli Maffei, Concept Artist LucasFilm
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2016).

The class was so invaluable because we got hours of hands on experience with him and there is no substitute to Andrea’s years of experience. Being able to see how Andrea approach each individual sculpture, and the subtle techniques He use while manipulating the clay with tools and his hands was the most valuable aspect of the class. It was also just a joy to be working in such a collaborative environment and seeing everyone’s sculptures develop from a simple block of clay to beautiful forms. I really enjoyed my time in the workshop, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve as an artist.

Megan Stifter, Texture Artist, Pixar Animation Studios.
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2016).

Andrea’s class is truly an essential experience for anyone who even has a passing interest in sculpting. By the end of the first day, I assure you, it will be far more than that! Andrea has as much enthusiasm to teach, as you will to learn. Sculpting at his studio was very low pressure, but highly inspiring. I laughed as much as I learned. I would say it was a once in a lifetime experience, but I know I will be back for another class!

Ben Ellebracht, Game Artist at Big Fish Games
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2016).

Andrea Blasich is as equally skilled at creating art as he is teaching it.  He brings you into his home, treats you like family, and shares his gift for bringing sculptures to life out of clay.  This is a class, which I will always cherish, and I cannot recommend it more highly.  If you are an artist in the Bay Area, regardless of the medium you work in, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.”

Tony Piedra, Set Dressing Artist, Pixar Animation Studios.
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2016).

“Not only is Andrea’s workshop insightful about maquette sculpting but also engaging to an artist at any level.  I came into the workshop with lots of expectation and went away with a deeper understanding of how to “feel” your art through design and execution. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to sculpt or take their sculpting to the next level.”

Tony Jung, Senior CG Modeler Bluesky Studio
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2014-2016).

Andrea’s workshop was the most valuable and fun creative learning experience that I’ve had in many years. Observing his sculpting techniques and listening to his insights about character design and creativity in general, was inspiring. Having worked as a digital modeler in the animation industry since 2006, I’ve seen my sculpting ability plateau over time. Through taking this workshop, I feel that I’ve taken a step forward. Additionally, the informal and positive atmosphere of the class made the work feel fun, and for a commercial artist, that’s a precious thing.

David Strick Senior CG Modeler DreamWorks SKG
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2014-2016).

What a great sculpture workshop!  I participated in Andrea Blasich’s Design with clay Workshop and found that it was a truly rewarding, informative, and unique experience. Through hands-on instruction and demonstration,  Andrea provided professional insight on sculpting and great design.  He really shows how to give your sculpture appeal and how to make choices that strengthen its overall design. The workshop is held at Andrea’s personal workshop and home and this provides an environment that is a pleasure to work and learn in.   This kind of workshop is a rare find and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to take it.

Chris Darroca, Character Modeler 2K Games
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2014).

With a body of work comprised of little more than crudely sculpted Mother’s day gifts circa 1995, I decided to attempt my first maquette in Andrea’s workshop. Over the course of the class, he helped me to find the most interesting aspects of my character’s design. With his guidance I was able to discover the shapes and anatomy in the clay to bring the character to life in 3 dimensions. Given the opportunity, I would gladly continue to spend my weekends sculpting in Andrea’s garden. Till next time.

Jason Armitage, assistant to Henry Selick
(attended Design with Clay Workshop 2014-2016).

When I first saw the work of Andrea Blaisch, I knew I had to take a workshop done by him. As someone with very little sculpting experience, Andrea helped guide us through every step of the way. Andrea is a very responsive and kind teacher, and answered every question I threw at him with thoroughness. While nothing may beat taking his class in person, you will be surprised with just how much Andrea can teach you with his online workshop.

Dylan Stephanides
(attended Online Workshop Design with Clay 2016).

Andrea’s online class was superb. I wasn’t sure at first how successful an online class would be in teaching me how to sculpt and push clay but Andrea is an incredible teacher. He communicated his direction, suggestions, and lessons clearly. It was well-structured and well-paced. I found his draw overs to be very helpful in improving my sculpt.  I can’t recommend his class enough. I personally have been wanting to sculpt for a long time, and after taking his class, I can’t stop moving clay. It’s my new passion. He’s a supremely talented and passionate sculptor, and it’s a great privilege to learn from one of the greats.

Genevieve Santos, Illustrator
(attended Online Workshop Design with Clay 2016).



Students Gallery

Work by Tony Jung, Chris Darroca, Jason Armitage, Mark Piretti, David Strick, Eli Maffei, Megan Stifer, Rachelle Daniele, Ben Ellebracht, Mike Altman, Pedro Piedra, Eric Apel, Danna Xu, Wenquing Yan.Images of the Workshop.